About the SwbLabs Site

I started this site a few years back as a place to describe some of my after hours projects. Originally I started this using WordPress but later found I needed an even easier way to publish things, ensure consistency in the articles and to automate more. So I moved to a card-oriented design where I can more easily push new content to the site as JSON objects retrieved from S3. The site format is still evolving as I find more things I want to standardize in describing projects. I initially just automatically converted the WordPress site to cards but hopefully over time I'll fine tune things a bit more.

The site has also proven to be a useful place to point folks to when I talk about or exhibit projects at Nova Labs (where I've been leading the Raspberry Pi and Arduino meetups for some time). I found myself getting just enough time together to build something to demo and often not writing up the details to share. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up better with the new site.